Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The 'Ol Rivalry

I guess when I say I'm not going to post anymore it's actually code for I'm going to post all the time now.

It's no secret that in the South we take our football rivalries seriously. I mean as serious as Canadians take their hockey.

Clemson vs Carolina is the rivalry in my state. My dad was a die-hard Carolina fan. My mom is a Carolina fan by default (she went there) and I have never really payed much attention to football.

Since Paul and Morgan went to Clemson, I've been leaning in that direction. Madi has pretty much fallen in that direction. :) So yesterday when I saw a Clemson cheerleader outfit for $4.50, I snatched it up!

She wore it to school today - oh so proudly! (Her teachers are both Clemson fans. And I must point out that it's interesting that I know that. Thinking about Anchorage - I would have had no clue what sports team people liked. Football is just that big of a deal around here.)

Well, I knew there would be some talk - and she did too - about who does and doesn't like her outfit. She told me right away that her friend BJ would love it and that Patrick would not. I told her just to take it with a grain of salt basically. But of course, it's not that easy, especially since she's five years old!

She told me tonight that one of her good friends would not stand next to her all day today (aka wouldn't play with her), because of her Clemson outfit. Madi even said "she finally let me stand behind her in car line." This just made me so sad! I know it's just kids being kids, but to what degree? Some parents put so much emphasis on school teams being better or worse, that their young children pick up on it and relate that to others. 

I am not saying we shouldn't be passionate about sports, but I just want parents to be aware that how we act about that Carolina fan next to us is going to be mocked by our children. Breaking that orange crayon (ahem, Marty! haha, kidding!) or refusing to wear garnet may be a bit overboard … at least in front of your kids.

Just some food for thought when I can't make my mind turn off.

Go Tigers! ;)


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