Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tidbits & A Giveaway

I'm hereeeee. 

I've missed blogging. Truly. Sooooo here I am again.

Not much to say - just adjusting to life in VA Beach, my new job, and wedding planning. Okay so all of that is actually A LOT.

I am loving living here. It's such a fun town. I feel like I need a cruiser before I can officially call myself a Virginia Beach resident. EVERYONE - young, old, tourist, resident - bikes around here. There are sidewalks everywhere so I guess people just assume why not bike? It's pretty crazy. 

Work is going well. I am enjoying the job and catching on quickly. The days go by pretty fast which is always nice! I will be learning more this next month so hopefully I'll continue to catch on and won't break too many things!

Wedding planning is about to make me lose my mind. How do people do this for a living!??! I seriously can't sleep at night sometimes because I have so much I need to be doing. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it's also a big headache at times. And crafts - oy. Crafts are not my thing and crafts are inevitable for a wedding. That's where I count on my mom, Pam, and Paul's family to do it all help! :)

Sooooo all of that being said - I wanted to share this snazzy giveaway going on over at Stroman Studios. Stefanie is turning 30 on August 21st and like me, she's excited about it!! Props to her for being happy about growing a year older! 

She is giving away 30 items to celebrate turning 30! All the details on her tumblr page found here! You can check out the daily gifts on her instagram page - @stromanstudios.

I've worked with Stefanie before and she's truly a wonderful designer. She designed by best friend's wedding invitations and I also took a calligraphy class from her a few months ago. Remember? 

Go check it out! Or don't... more chances for meeeeee. ;)

PS. 3 days until I'm 30!!!!! 


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