Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up

I have been thinking about posting so much lately and guess what? I'm finally doing it!

I'm a married woman now and a step-mom! Last weekend was the best weekend of my life.  Our wedding was so much FUN! I am going to wait to post about the wedding because I want to use the professional photos. But for now - it was truly amazing!

Madi has been doing well. She is in kindergarten and loves her class. She has quite a few good friends and is learning A LOT. She got her first report card last week. She is reading and writing above grade level. She also got Advanced Proficient in Math. (she did not get that from me...ha!) So proud!

We are home today - she woke up with some bad asthma symptoms. I took her to the dr and now we are home resting. She has sinusitis and her asthma is acting up. It tends to do that when she's sick. We got some medicine and have her inhalers so all is good.

Paul and I are happy newlyweds! We all really enjoy living in Virginia Beach and I just feel blessed that we live in such a great place.

Here are some recent pictures ... ya know, since I haven't posted in a while. :)

My Bachelorette Party

My ninja and me for Halloween

Halloween - 7 days before our wedding!!

This summer 

Madi & Addi's 2014 school pictures


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