Friday, June 5, 2015

DDIY: Don't Do It Yourself

It's kind of like how my mom used to think that EVERYTHING sold in a trendy store was trendy...

ANYONE can post on Pinterest. Like people who think they came up with good DIYs but really they shouldn't DIY, ever.

One day I was scrolling through Pinterest and did a double take at one of the many DIY pins. I thought, who in the hell thought that was a good idea? So I pinned it to my "Just No" board and now I'm sharing these things with you.

Do. Not. Do. Them. They are not good ideas. Unless you are 5 and you are decorating your backyard playhouse.

Is this 1985? I don't want anything denim unless it's jeans. K, thanks.

Yes, it now looks like you're trying to play Tetris with your shoes.

I could cut up any box and make something. It doesn't mean I should.

That is called a wine holder. Not a towel holder. There is a reason for that.
If you want to decorate your wall with towels...don't.

Do you need money? Food? Because this screams penny pincher to me. And tacky. 

WHY. This is not "genius." This is lazy.


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