Monday, March 28, 2011

The Paci Fairy, Take 2: A Novel

You remember back in January when the paci fairy was supposed to visit our house? Well, she didn't come because I cancelled her visit, but this Friday night we kept our reservation! The paci fairy came and went Friday night. I'm betting she came and went REALLY fast if she heard the screaming/kicking/hitting tantrum going on in our bedroom. It was definitely not easier getting Madi to give up her paci this time. It was much, much harder. Here's how our weekend went without the paci: (and now blankie too, her choice. She now throws her blankie across the room if we so much as set it near her. I think she's getting us back for taking away her paci. She's probably going to start driving tomorrow now too.)
October 2010
So long paci

Friday night before bedtime - She oh so reluctantly put her paci in the bag full of all of her old pacis that we still had from the last go-round of this. This time it took a bit more coercing to get her to go along with it. We kept reminding her that the paci fairy leaves her a gift in return and that helped.

Friday night at bedtime - This started the 30 minute temper tantrum of the century. We're talking kicking, screaming at the top of her lungs so much she was hoarse the next day, hitting, flinging herself off the bed, etc. Since she was being absolutely uncontrollable and unsoothable we put her in her pack 'n play where we thought she wouldn't hurt herself. The no padded mattress did not stop her from stomping up and down and attempting to climb out numerous times. Dear goodness she is strong willed. Eventually, and I have no idea how, we got her onto the bed which was a chore in itself and I sang over her screams until she fell asleep. We had a much calmer version of this in the middle of the night, and then another full blown tantrum around 6:50am when I just decided to get up with her and give her her present from the fairy she hated most. (Mickey Mouse Wonderland Adventures movie that we picked out at Best Buy the night before, and apparently Madi has a good memory because she says "you buy me that." Umm, no sweetie, mommy just told the paci fairy what you wanted. Mommy fail.)

*you know though - the funny thing (and baffling) is that she only asked for her paci maybe 3 times the whole weekend. When she threw the tantrums she didn't even ask for her paci - she was just screaming!

Saturday night at bedtime - (yes, I skipped over naptime because without her paci there is no such thing until she accidently falls asleep on the couch) Repeat of Friday night. She woke up in the middle of the night screaming "I'm hungry!!" so I took her downstairs and fed her and then we went back to bed at some ridiculous hour. At least she slept in until 9am!

Sunday night - This was a much easier night, minus the screaming for food right before we went to sleep. She eats more than anyone I've ever known. At least lately. It's like she gave up a smoking habit and in turn eats all the time! I mean seriously! So, I gave her a bowl of oatmeal at 10:30pm and then she went to bed just fine. 3am hits and she's screaming at the top of her lungs again that she is hungry. I knew she wasn't so I just took her downstairs and rocked her until she fell asleep. Then this morning she was a complete mess and I got a taste of what her teenage years will be like but at least there were no full blown tantrums.

February 2011
She looks so innocent! ;)

I will say that it is all worth it for her to now be paci-free! Someone asked me on Saturday if I would have taken it away earlier had I known what I know now. At that point I said no because, you know, I was sleep-deprived. Now I can honestly say, YES! Take that thing away sooner!! (Although, I firmly believe they should have one until they turn 1 at least. It cuts down on the risk of SIDS and that is something that I was a completely worry wart about.) The older they get, the more attached they are to it. I didn't want my baby to grow up so I was really reluctant to take it away, but I'm really glad we did!

Paci down, potty training to go! 

March 28, 2011

Madi Moment Mondays!
  • The other day I was being silly and asked Madi if Schrute could pull her in her wagon. She replied in her most serious voice "No. He doesn't have hands, he has paws." Like, duh mommy!
  • Last night when I was just getting her back to bed I told her I really had to go pee (yes, I'm so proper) and I'd be right back. She said "you can pee later." Ha! And so I did. Bossy little thing!
  • This is not anything she said but something she did - Just now actually, she was sitting in her chair and came up to me. She turned my face and gave me 3 kisses on my cheek. I about bawled. She has never kissed me on the cheek before and it was just the sweetest thing ever. I am SO blessed. 


Unknown said...

Awww so sweet! Glad it's over for you :)

Shari said...

Congratulations on the paci-free success. I don't know how you stuck it out, but I bet you are so glad you did. The Madi stories are too cute. :)

Amber said...

Ahhh! Yay Madi and yay mommy! I have been avoiding this day like the plague. Emersyn STILL uses her binky for bed and nap....and she is extremely attached to after her birthday (which is in 2 weeks) we are getting rid of it. I'm going to cut the ends off though. We discussed teh binky fairy with her and she screams about it as if it's evil! Eeek!
Madi is so precious :)

Unknown said...

I am sure you are glad that it is over! She sounds like the cutest, most strong willed, and hungry child ever, kinda like my middle child :)

Alan said...

Remember when I told you I hoped you would have a kid just like you when you grew up? Well, you did! Smart, strong willed, knows what she wants, pretty and very vocal.

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