Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Bit of Babbling...

Just a few things...

  • We took M off her paci last Friday. The war finally ended a week and 1 day later. Last night was the first night that she didn't scream her head off before bed, wake up in the middle of the night screaming, or wake up in the morning screaming. Every single day since Friday she has done this. I am thrilled she has finally adjusted to life without her paci. She is now taking her blankie again and I think this has really helped. I really was about at my breaking point so she picked a good time to stop with the tantrums!! I'm SO happy that battle is over!!
  • I know I said I was going to do all this working out and counting cals and not drinking caffeine but needless to say none of that happened. Well today started my first day without Diet Coke (or any soda). I have had water and Crystal Light all day and I'm really going to stick to it this time. Promise! As far as the working out and counting calories - we've been walking the dog every day, sometimes twice a day, so that is good for me. I mean that's WAY more than what I was doing. I don't really want to lose a lot of weight - about 5lbs and just firm up. I think I can do this with knocking out the Diet Coke and walking Schrute. We will see! 
  • I got to hold two babies today (7 month old twins!!!). Totally made me want another baby. Well, not really but I think I'll be stopping by a lot more to play with them. I think Justin got really nervous when he saw me holding them. Ha! :)
  • So excited for the finale of Kourtney & Kim Take NY tonight!! Love this show! Kind of sad though that a bunch of my shows are ending for the season. There is nothing on during the summer. Boo.
  • If I have to watch Tangled one more time...well, I don't know what I'll do but I'm pretty sure I can quote it word by word. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the cutest, funniest Disney movies ever. I really liked it!! BUT I think I could have seen it maybe twice, but not every single day for the past week! 
Well, that's all I've got today! Hope y'all had a relaxing, fun weekend. Is it Friday yet?!

And because I prefer posts with pictures...


Unknown said...

You can do it, girl!! Proud of you!

Glad M is over the paci! Yeah!

Suze said...

Hooray for M over the paci and onto the blankie hehe :)

you can do it on the walks with the dog and no caffeine well no diet cokes! I'm working on this too! I find having a dog was easier for me when i was doing my walking routine ! It is like motivation or accountability partner well i thought so anyway haha!

Praying and thinking of you as you tackle this :)

Amber said...

Yay Madi!

So proud of you for kicking the diet coke and walking. You can do it!! :)

Megan said...

Your baby girl is so precious! That picture is adorable.

I've never seen Tangled, but my friend and I plan on buying it and watching it this weekend. I've heard it's great!

Neely said...

You are awesome girl! Madi is so cute!

Heather Rae said...

Such a gorgeous blog you have here and your baby is a little doll!

I'm your newest follower!

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