Monday, October 5, 2020

The Best is Yet to Come

 God, what are you trying to teach me?? What are you trying to show me?? WHY are you challenging me so much? 

These are the things I have been silently screaming for the past 3 weeks. 

The move to GA was nothing short of horrible. We had trial after trial. Almost everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Now that we are here, I'm unhappy for superficial reasons. I'm trying, daily, to look past these things and see that God has a plan. God is never wrong. He knows what He's setting us up for. But I don't. And that's what's eating away at me. 

We have been trying to get to a church and even that has had it's obstacles. It's like the devil is just attacking us from every angle. People say he does that when God has big plans for you. The devil is attacking and trying to stop you because you're here to do big things. Not that I think Paul & I are some incredible people who can make huge impacts...but God is. He's incredible. And He can make huge impacts. 

I guess my point in this post is to say this has been hard. I'm trying to be patient and understand. I'm trying to stop being so negative and down. God is good. Always. He has never let me down. And he's not going to start now. So I'm going to trust Him. I am. Sometimes it just needs to be written down...or typed out, for it to sink in.

He's already shown us His goodness financially this month. He's showing off. And I love it. So yes, I can trust Him. We are here for His purpose, not ours. 

The best is yet to come.


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